As doulas, we offer emotional support, comfort techniques, evidence-based information and support for individuals’ choices. Additionally, we offer private and confidential counseling and care for abortions, miscarriages and infant loss. We accompany you to doctor visits and procedures, offer comfort measures and emotional support and provide information and professional and community resources as needed.

Birth Doula Services

As birth doulas, we help you navigate pregnancy and prepare for birth. As part of your birth team we offer support through labor and birth with breathing and relaxation exercises, comfort measures and natural pain management techniques, either at home, at the birth center or in the hospital. Most importantly, we are advocates to make sure your requests are respected and that you remain informed through the entire experience. We stay with you in the hours after birth to help initiate breastfeeding, support recovery and provide local resources and referrals as needed. Our services include two prenatal meetings. These will be about 2 hours long and we'll discuss all your options, practice positions for labor and talk through your birth plan. We will be 'on call' and available for unlimited phone and email support for you from 37 weeks on up to the birth. We will be there to support you through labor and delivery with breathing and relaxation exercises, comfort measures and massages either at home, in the hospital or at the birth center. Most importantly we'll be your advocate to make sure your requests and respected and that you stay informed through the entire process. We'll stay with you a couple of hours after birth, to help initiate breastfeeding and support your recovery. We'll have one postnatal meeting after the birth to check in, talk about breastfeeding and infant care and provide local resources and referrals as needed.

Cost on a sliding scale up to $1800.

Postpartum Doula Services

As postpartum doulas, we provide private in-home support, counseling and care. We offer breastfeeding and lactation counseling, newborn care and soothing techniques, coaching for emotional and physical recovery from labor and  phone and email support, and will accompany you to doctor visits and offer professional referrals and community resources as needed. Our Postpartum Doula services are in home visits where we offer breastfeeding and lactation counseling, newborn care and soothing, emotional and physical recovery from labor, phone and email support support, accompany you to doctor visits and offer professional referrals as needed.

Cost is $150 per home visit. For extended support, we also offer packages for multiple visits.

The Doula Project

The Doula Project works across the spectrum of choice to provide doula care on a case-by-case basis to people who cannot otherwise afford it.  If you live in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, or Southern Westchester, and make less than $30,000 a year, including combined partner income, we'd love to connect you with a skilled doula on a pay what you can, when you can, donation basis. 

Fill out the application and we will get you connected to a doula who can work with you.


Birth Package:  Birth doula services, 3 private prenatal yoga classes, private partner yoga for labor class, phone & email support, resource referrals. $2500

Birth Prep Package: Private birth planning, private partner yoga for labor class, 3 private prenatal yoga classes, at home breastfeeding support, phone & email support and resource referrals. Does not include doula services. $1000

Birth & Postpartum Package: Birth doula services, 3 private prenatal yoga classes, private birth planning & partner yoga for labor class, private baby & me yoga class, at home breastfeeding consultation, 2 postpartum doula visits, phone & email support, resource referrals. $3000

Birth & Yoga Package: Birth doula services, 3 postpartum doula visits and weekly private yoga classes from second trimester until birth. $3500


Neelu Shruti

Neelu Shruti is the owner and founder of Love Child, a prenatal, postnatal and vinyasa yoga teacher, birth doula and breastfeeding counselor based in New York City. She is also a full-spectrum doula with the Doula Project and volunteers at Planned Parenthood NYC. As a doula and yoga teacher she is especially passionate to support pregnant people through a conscious, nurturing and strengthening yoga practice. She believes in empowering women with information about their choices and giving them the tools to develop trust in their own bodies.



Jessica Tobin

LMSW, Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator

Jessica is a birth doula and childbirth educator. She has been guiding families through their birthing journeys since 2014 when she trained with Rina Crane from DONA International. Jessica went on to receive training in rebozo use, acupressure, Spinning Babies, and essential oils use in her search to find new and innovative ways to assist women throughout labor. When Jessica isn’t providing doula care, she works as a trauma therapist and specializes in working with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and childhood traumas. Additionally, she has trained at the Seleni Institute for Maternal Mental Health, and provides support to women experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety as well as families who have experienced miscarriage and infant loss. Jessica firmly believes that with the right approach, all women, including survivors of trauma, have the power to birth without fear and the right to have powerful and therapeutic birthing experiences. Jessica is truly passionate about reproductive choices, empowering and advocating for women and their families, and helping women tap into their intuition and strength as the bring life into the world.

Bilen Berhanu

DONA, Birth, Postpartum and Full-Spectrum Doula

Bilen is a DONA Certified Birth Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor working with families throughout New York City and the tristate area, since training with Debra Pascali-Bonaro in 2011. She provides preconception consulting, prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum support. Bilen is also a Doula Project trained full spectrum doula. Her work is centered on a desire to provide pathways to empowered reproductive choices and experiences. Founded on a philosophy of honoring the wisdom of the body and the reproductive workers that came before, her approach is very spiritually grounded and physically embodied. In her role as a doula, she provides nonjudgemental, continual care and support.


Chrysti Lauter

CHT, HBCE, Birth Doula

Chrysti is a certified hypnotist and DONA trained birth doula.  Her life’s passion is to serve women during the deeply personal transition into motherhood and the journey that follows.  There are few naturally occurring opportunities in life that allow a woman to transform herself completely.  Hypnosis allows you to recognize and cultivate your inner power, allowing you to seize the opportunity and become the woman and the mother you want to be.  Chrysti feels so honored to be able to hold space for such moments of transformation as a birth worker alongside a group of wise and talented women.  Her newest certification additions include Hypnobirthing childbirth educator and Hypnomothering practitioner.  This skill set allows Chrysti to teach women how to reconnect and trust their body’s natural ability to birth their babies in a calm, peaceful, and comfortable manner and provides tools for a more gentle transition into motherhood.