Join us for a comprehensive 2 hour session that will help you better prepare for your birth. Partners and doulas are encouraged to attend with you! 

Birth plans are a great way to understand what you can expect in the process of giving birth. They are also a helpful starting point for conversations and communication with your care provider. Most importantly, just by going through a birth plan, you are taking a big step to inform yourself about all of your choices.

We will help you create your birth plan and give you all the necessary evidence based information to help you make informed decisions. 

Here is the link to Love Child's plan. It's on the long side, so please feel free to download the Word document and edit it down to customize it for yourself. Delete any sections that don't apply to you to make it more manageable. If you're not sure about what a procedure or term is, feel free to send us an email!

Consider the document to be a roadmap. Use it to plan and prepare for ideal outcomes, but also to build in flexibility for the journey, in case of unexpected detours or changes in course.

We will also practice breathing and active relaxation exercises for specific stages of labor, best positions to labor in at home, in the birth center or hospital, partner massage techniques, talk through using natural pain management techniques such as counter pressure, and teach you how to use props such as birth balls and rebozos, as well as other physical comfort measures to help you feel your best during pregnancy, to aid in labor and birth and for a quicker and easier postnatal recovery.