What makes Love Child Prep classes different?

There’s nothing like our classes out there. In fact we created ours because we saw that there was nothing that combined holistic sensibilities, evidence based information with real practical advice and recognition of the enormous emotional transition of giving birth, taking care of a newborn and breastfeeding in New York City. If you already come to Prenatal Yoga at Love Child, you understand why we’re different. We balance a deep instinctual knowledge of pregnancy and birth and tailor our classes to empower you to feel your best and build strength and flexibility so your body is prepared for birth and postpartum. But what about your partner and what about your emotional growth as you become a new parent?

There is a lot to learn and a lot of information out there. We give you evidence based information pulling from our knowledge of anatomy and the pregnant body. We believe that partners are full and equal parents and need more than a watered down version of keeping-baby-alive class. We understand that as holistic minded individuals, you’d only like medical interventions if they’re necessary. We give you information and lessons learned from the clients that we see day to day who have prepared just like you. What they found easiest, what they found hardest. Not only do we give you the information that many others don’t, we help you understand, practice and give you the tools to make your experience your own. 

We don't teach you how to fight with your care providers, but how to work with them. Whether you’re getting a doula or not, understanding the normal physiological sign s of labor and knowing how to cope with them because you’ve practiced the movements in your yoga classes already. Our birth class understands that it’s not all over when you give birth but gives you practical advice for postpartum care (that the US is miserably failing in)

Our baby care class isn’t just about taking care of a baby, but how to become responsible and engaged parents and create an environment for a smooth and confident transition into new parenthood. We offer a separate breastfeeding class because we have seen how poorly our health system fails new parents with no support or guidance when you need it the most. We cover all the information and practice what you need to know and follow it up with in-home visits to make sure you’re on the right track. We can confidently say that those that have taken our classes are the ones that thrive, that feel comfortable taking their newborn outside, more likely to return to baby & me yoga and be better prepared for the transition into new parenthood while maintaining a strong sense of self and relationship with each other. 

Neelu, who teaches these classes pulls from her knowledge as a Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga Expert, Spinning Babies Instructor, In Home, Birth Center, Hospital and Postpartum Doula and midwifery assistant experiences and from the well of knowledge we’ve collected from our Love Child Community. 


Love Child Prep classes are tailored to our Prenatal Yoga classes you already enjoy, teaching you and your partner how to bring the breathing, movements and techniques you already love into use in your birth. We take a holistic and evidence based approach to teaching, knowing that as part of the Love Child community you are looking to follow your own instincts and rhythm while being open to understanding interventions. We teach you how to navigate medical settings to better understand your options, to know what questions to ask and to make decisions based on what is right for you. 

A comprehensive birth and postpartum class taught by Love Child founder, Neelu Shruti. We will cover what to expect in labor; natural and pharmacological pain management techniques; positions for labor at home, birth center and hospital; partner massage; breathing and relaxation techniques; how to use a birth ball; all about doulas; what to expect with epidurals, common birth complications, cesarian section surgery and recovery and general postpartum expectations, care and recovery. 

Recommended for expecting parents in their second or third trimester.

Upcoming Dates:

Saturday, August 11, 11.30-1.30pm.


A comprehensive baby class taught by Love Child founder, Neelu Shruti to teach you everything you need to know about bringing home a newborn. We will cover newborn medical procedures; breastfeeding basics, bottle feeding and pumping; sleep schedules, how to change a diaper, swaddle and soothe a baby; all about postpartum doulas and baby nurses; baby massage and how to safely wear your baby. This baby prep class teaches you to follow your instincts as a new parent, how to create and make the best use of your support network, what products you really need and gives you practical breastfeeding advice you won’t hear anywhere else. 

Recommended for Expecting Parents in their third trimester. 

Upcoming Dates:

Sunday, August 12, 1.30-3.30pm.

Birth & Baby Prep . Cost per Couple . $550 members . $650 non-members


A must for any parents planning to breastfeed. A comprehensive class to help you have an empowered breastfeeding journey.Recommended for expecting parents in their 3rd trimester. New Parents are also welcome. Each person is welcome to bring their partner, family member, friend or support person. 

Monday, July 9th 6.30-8.30pm

Breastfeeding Prep . Cost per Couple . $200/ members . $275/ non-members.

Buy Birth + Baby + Breastfeeding Prep to receive $20 / month off your membership.

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These personalized sessions are also a helpful starting point for conversations with your care provider, which is often the first step toward realizing your birth plan and preferences. Most importantly, just by going through a birth plan, you are taking a big step to inform yourself about all of your choices. You will receive the most up-to-date information on birth practices, our comprehensive birth plan, hospital/birth-center packing list and simplified to-do lists and preparation materials. We'll also cover your rights and how to advocate for you needs at your place of birth so that you are better equipped for a smooth experience. 

You will learn what to expect in labor, to notice the early signs, practice positions to labor at home and at a hospital or birth center, breathing and relaxation techniques and partner massage techniques for different stages of labor, learn how to use natural pain management techniques such as counter pressure, and we will teach you how to use props such as birth balls and rebozos, as well as other physical comfort measures. 


Any of our birth prep classes may be customized to fit your specific needs.

The advantage of a private in-home session is that we will be able to show you methods and techniques for labor in your own home - how to labor on your bed, in the bathroom, how to use countertops and furniture to make the most of your time at home.