GVSHP Celebrates 50 years!

Village Preservation (The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation) was founded in 1980 to preserve the architectural heritage and cultural history of Greenwich Village, the East Village, and NoHo. Village Preservation is a leader in protecting the sense of place and human scale that define the Village’s unique community. 

GVSHP’s programs include: Educational outreach in the form of public lectures, tours, exhibitions, and publications; a school program that teaches children about Greenwich Village history and architecture; leadership on expanding landmark and zoning protections in our neighborhoods and fighting inappropriate development; preservation projects that promote an understanding of the Village's historic importance, such as the Greenwich Village Preservation Archive, our oral History Project, and our Historic Plaques Program; small business promotion, through our business of the month program; recognition of the community leaders, institutions, businesses, and additions to our streetscapes which add to the special quality of our neighborhoods through our Annual Village Awards; and our Continuing Education program, which teaches real estate professionals about the value of historic preservation.

Village Preservation (GVSHP) has successfully advocated for the landmark designation of more than 1,250 buildings in our neighborhoods, and has helped secure zoning protections for nearly 100 blocks. Each day GVSHP monitors more than 6,500 building lots in our neighborhood for demolition, alteration, or new construction permits, so the organization can notify the public and respond if necessary. And each day GVSHP also monitors the more than 3,000 landmarked properties in our neighborhood for applications for changes which must go through a public review and approval process, to also notify the public and respond as needed. GVSHP also reports and advocates for appropriate resolution of landmarks and zoning violations in our neighborhood, to help protect the special built environment and character. 

Established in 1980, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation works to protect the cultural and architectural heritage of Greenwich Village, NoHo, and the East Village. 

Although a large portion of the Village was designated in 1969 as part of the Greenwich Village Historic District, many worthy buildings outside of the district’s boundaries were left vulnerable to demolition and insensitive change. In the past few years, the Society has fought for and won protections for much of the area. The Gansevoort Market Historic District was designated in 2003 after a successful campaign by the Society. More recently, the Society led the push to both downzone and landmark much of the Far West Village, which resulted in height limits for new construction in the neighborhood and the first extension of the Greenwich Village Historic District and the first new historic district in the West Village in nearly forty years. Several early nineteenth-century Federal-style houses near Washington Square, in the East Village, and in Lower Manhattan have also been landmarked as a result of the our efforts. GVSHP has also managed to block or alter plans for inappropriate development in our neighborhood, including a plan for a 500-foot tower in the Gansevoort Market Historic District. 

Love Child was proud to be recognized as GVSHP’s January 2019 Business of the Month.

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