As an Expecting Parent, there's lots to love at the Love Child Collective!

What is Love Child Collective?

A gathering space for expecting and new parents in the West Village. 

Your home away from home, your village in the Village, a haven to connect with your family, friends and neighbors. 

A place for you to co-work, co-play, and use at your leisure – for you to take advantage of informative workshops to help you navigate pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum and new parenthood.

For parents, we offer creative classes to inspire your kids; while they play, you can catch up with a friend, get some of your own work done or take the opportunity to eat with both hands! We also offer on-site babysitting so you can take a yoga class and enjoy some time for yourself! 

Prenatal Circles

Tuesdays 6.30pm

June 6th - July 18th (No class on July 4th)

You've probably been told by friends or family to join a prenatal or parent group. Love Child can help - with Prenatal and New Parent groups right in the Collective space, you'll be able to connect with people facing the same challenges you are. A one hour Prenatal Yoga class focused on a specific part of the body will be followed by a half hour discussion to answer questions and connect with one another.  

Week 1: Abdominal Exercises
What's safe, what isn't and why and all about diastasis recti. 

Week 2: The Pelvic Floor
All about Kegels, Reverse Kegels and training your pelvic floor for birth. 

Week 3: Breathing & Relaxation Techniques
During pregnancy and through each stage of labor. 

Week 4: Hip Stretches

Week 5: Posture & Avoiding Low Back Pain

Week 6: Partner Yoga and Massage Techniques

Included for Collective & Unlimited Members! $50 day pass includes a yoga class for non-members. $150 for 6 classes. 

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Workshops for Expecting Parents

The leaps from no kids to pregnancy and from pregnancy to parenthood are huge. We tailor events to help make the transition easier through learning more and meeting others in the same boat. 

I'm Pregnant, Now What // Building Your Birth Team
Your Birth Plan, Preferences & Choices
Building Your Birth Team // NYC's Best Prenatal & Postnatal Resources
Yoga For Labor
Back to Work Prep
Planning For Your Maternity Leave

Childbirth Education, Newborn Care, CPR and Breastfeeding Basics Classes

Love Child is proud to host workshops by Birth Day Presence - NYC's premiere Childbirth Education and Birth Preparation Provider. As part of the Collective, you'll get discounts on your must have birth prep classes!

Co-working Space

If you work from home and want to spend a little time working in our space with wifi and on-site childcare, our doors are open. Limited availability.

Support & Resources from Love Child Team

Neelu and team are dedicated to helping trying, expecting and new parents in their respective journeys. With a raft of experts on hand, you will have a smart support network at your fingertips

Lending Library

Check out our Lending Library. It's a growing collection of books and resources you can read in the space or take home with you. 

Access to Love Child for Vouch

In joining the Collective, you'll also gain access to Vouch - a recommendation engine geared towards building community while allowing members to share their best recommendations in the city. 

Access to Love Child's Slack Group

We often get requests from clients for each other's contact information after meeting at Love Child. This group will allow you to look for friends you may have made connect and schedule get togethers.

Breastfeeding Support Group

You can see all the Collective offering for New Parents here but the ones you won't want to miss in your first few weeks postpartum is our Breastfeeding Support Group. Breastfeeding is a choice and sometimes can be a challenging journey. Join other new parents going through the same experience and get professional help to address any issues that may arise. 

Baby Massage & Movement

Tips and techniques to help soothe your baby through massage and movement.