A gathering space for expecting and new parents in the West Village. 

New Parent Circle

You've probably been told by friends or family to join a prenatal or parent group. Love Child can help - with Prenatal and New Parent groups right in the Collective space, you'll be able to connect with people facing the same challenges you are. In guided discussions, new parents will share their experiences with things like the First 6 Weeks, Career and Identity, and Relationships and Intimacy. And enjoy fresh healthy salads from Green Top Farms!

Wednesdays September 13th - October 18th

12.30pm - 2:30pm

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Breastfeeding Support Group

You can see all the Collective offering for New Parents here but the ones you won't want to miss in your first few weeks postpartum is our Breastfeeding Support Group. Breastfeeding is a choice and sometimes can be a challenging journey. Join other new parents going through the same experience and get professional help to address any issues that may arise. 

Tuesdays 12:30pm-1:30pm

Prenatal Postnatal Yoga

Dads / Partners Meet Up Group

Scheduled simultaneously - while one parent attends yoga, dads/partners connect over coffee & croissants

First Saturday of Every Month at 10am

LGBTQ Parent Meet Up

This is an informal social group that brings together queer families, expectant parents and those trying to conceive. We gather to share notes on all things relate to queer conception & parenting, to create a strong(er) community and to have fun! Current, expectant parents and those in all stages of conceiving are welcome. Visit: or email for more information.  

Third Sundays of Every Month at 4:00pm

$20 donation

Schedule Play Dates

Playdates are fun for kids - and parents, too! Bring your little one along to a scheduled playdate and meet other parents - or take a breather in the space.

Open Play Hours

Want to host a playdate without opening up your apartment? Or perhaps you just want a new space for your little one to toddle or crawl around while you sip your coffee or chat to another mom or dad... Open Play Hours give you the flexibility to do just that, in the heart of the West Village.

Access to In-Studio Babysitting 

Hello Sitter is shaking up the world of childcare with their highly rated CPR-certified and background-checked band of sitters. They're working with Love Child to provide their first-class childcare right in the space - so you can relax, eat with both hands, or simply visit the bathroom alone (!). Hello Sitter - hello peace of mind. Cost of sitting services will be set by and arranged with Hello Sitter. 

Support & Resources from Love Child Team

Neelu and team are dedicated to helping trying, expecting and new parents in their respective journeys. With a raft of experts on hand, you will have a smart support network at your fingertips

Lending Library

Check out our Lending Library. It's a growing collection of books and resources you can read in the space or take home with you. 

Access to Love Child for Vouch

In joining the Collective, you'll also gain access to Vouch - a recommendation engine geared towards building community while allowing members to share their best recommendations in the city. 

Access to Love Child's Facebook Group

We often get requests from clients for each other's contact information after meeting at Love Child. This group will allow you to look for friends you may have made connect and schedule get togethers.