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Bunny Hop Easter Party

For kids up to age 3.

Hello Song, Mother Goose rhymes; my stuffed animal gander too.

"Here Comes Peter Cotton-Tail"..."He's bringing girls and boys today baskets full of Easter play....(Song + finger play)

Warm-up toes and hands: "This Little Piggy Went to Market" and "Open Shut Them" (Babies: gentle touching of feet and hands - sensory awareness, Toddlers  toe wiggling and hand motions)

Movement play  on our spots: Hickory Dickery Dock(involves gentle rocking of babies or swinging of toddlers

To Market To Market (bouncing on grownups' knees)

Kids in the Middle & You Can Jump Josie ( older babies, toddlers jumping with/without help)

Scarf Play: Grown-ups and children play Peek-a-Boo with  see through soft tulle 

Movement in Space:  Ride Away Ride Away Johny Shall Ride (Babies rocked, pre-crawlers & crawlers inside the circle, toddlers gallop outside circleCo1Community Play:  

Community Play:  Variation on parachute play - Sing-a-Song -of-Sixpence a gentle translucent cloth (our pie) 2 bakers, myself and another gently float the cloth up & down over Grown-ups and children.   Variation:  

Pop Corn or Bunnies Hop!  Tulle scarves tossed into a parachute. cloth  All holding cloth pop the tulle into the air at the  sound of "Bunnies                                                   Hop!"

Cool Down:  Song Five Little Birdies Sitting in the Nest"  (Grown-ups are the comfy nest complete with hugs.)

Good-Bye Song

Earlier Event: April 9
Later Event: April 19
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