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Friday 2/1 & 2/15, 11.30am
4 months - 3 years

It's never too early to fall in love with science! Come join Emma Gordon on a number of science adventures as she explores basic physics and chemistry principles in ways that make science engaging for babies and toddlers!

Friday 2/1. 11.30am-12.15pm: GRAVITY! In this hands-on class we’ll play and experiment with what flies, floats and falls. The story of a baby falcon and a famous rocket of the same name will guide our play. Birds, planes, bubbles, balloons and gravity painting and more. We’ll make our own helicopters and straw rockets to take home!

Friday 2/15. 11.30am- 12.15pm: SOUND. We’ll explore quiet and loud, low and high and the buzz of vibrations. Tuning forks, pitch pipes, balloons, wave ribbons and more. This is sensory science at it’s best. We’ll make shakers and harmonicas to take home.

$25 / child . Members Only. RSVP Required

Earlier Event: January 29
RIE® Inspired Parent & Child Class Series
Later Event: February 9