Book private or small group sessions with Neelu. We offer individualized in-home and in-studio sessions for all offered classes. Below is a sampling of what’s available, but of course each session would be highly personalized to your needs.

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Meditation & Mindfulness

Our private meditation instruction can help you target specific issues or provide a broader range of options to help you reduce stress and anxiety, be more focused and productive, turn your attention inward, and live mindfully.

Prenatal Yoga

We support you through a conscious, nurturing, and strengthening yoga practice. Prenatal Yoga is a great way to build strength and flexibility to help carry a growing belly and baby, alleviate aches and pains during pregnancy, and allow for quicker postnatal recovery. Our prenatal yoga exercises are targeted to teach you to use your muscles efficiently during labor, and we practice effective breathing and relaxation techniques so you are better prepared for birth. Practicing yoga also gives you a calm, quiet, relaxing and rejuvenating space to turn your attention inward and connect with your baby (or babies!), whatever stage you’re at.

Childbirth Education, Birth Planning & Yoga for Labor 

Birth plans and childbirth-education classes are great ways to understand what to expect from the process of giving birth- and an individualized conversation about your own desires and plans for labor and delivery can take it to the next level. These personalized sessions are also a helpful starting point for conversations with your care provider, which is often the first step toward realizing your birth plan. Most importantly, just by going through a birth plan, you are taking a big step to inform yourself about all of your choices. You will receive the most up-to-date information on birth practices, our comprehensive birth plan, hospital/birth-center packing list and simplified to-do lists and preparation materials. You will walk away with the information needed to be that much more confident when you deliver.

Labor involves the unique combination of engaging your abdominals while relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, which can be tricky and challenging. We use safe abdominal exercises, kegels and squats and simulate mock contractions to help you accomplish this challenging balance. Not only do we target these specific muscle groups, we also learn to synchronize them, while building strength and flexibility where they are most needed. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques for different stages of labor, safe and targeted abdominal exercises to tone your transverse abdominals (pushing muscles), and practices to build strength and flexibility in your pelvic floor. We also teach partner massage techniques, talk through using natural pain management techniques such as counter pressure, and teach you how to use props such as birth balls and rebozos, as well as other physical comfort measures to help you feel your best during pregnancy, to aid in labor and birth and for a quicker and easier postnatal recovery.

The advantage of a private in-home session is that we will be able to show you methods and techniques for labor in your own home - how to labor on your bed, in the bathroom, how to use countertops and furniture to make the most of your time at home.