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  • We provide free Jade yoga mats.
  • Studio opens 15 minutes before the start of class. 
  • Signing up online is highly recommended but we also welcome walk ins!
  • We have a changing room.
  • We have a restroom.
  • We provide free drinking water from a Brita filter. We do not sell bottles of water.  
  • Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class. We cannot accommodate late arrivals 5 minutes after start of class. 
  • We only have space for a few strollers so if you can, please come wearing your baby, it will be more convenient as we have a few steps at out entry and do not have stroller storage space. 
  • Cancellations are allowed up to 90 minutes before the start of class, after which clients will be charged the full cost of class. If you are unable to make it to class as a courtesy, please cancel your reservation well in advance to allow others to benefit. 
  • We understand that babies have their own schedule. Sometimes they're on their best behavior, cute, cooing and adorable. Sometimes they cry and fuss and make it hard to participate in a yoga class. We will help out by carrying and soothing them, but each class is different -some days are great, other days more challenging and we mostly find that it's a mix of both. We are happy to support you and baby, no matter what so we encourage you to come to class whether baby is at their fussiest or not. You will be among others just like you who understand and are going through the same things you are!

It's my first time visiting the studio, what do I need to know?

Welcome! For an introductory or trial class you can purchase a Drop In for $35. Your first class can be counted toward a membership! Just head over to the schedule, click on the class you'd like to attend and follow instructions to purchase and sign up. We provide mats and we have a few steps at our entry so if you can wear your baby rather than bringing a stroller. 

Can I bring a friend?

Yes! If you're a Collective member, your friend's first visit is free. We offer a special discount to bring a friend to yoga - email us to reserve. 

Can I pause membership?

Yes at anytime! Just email info@lovechildyoga.com. We do not pro-rate memberships and the only exception is on special discounted offers and the unlimited option which have minimum commitments. 

If I become a member, will I have to pay extra for anything?

A lot of stuff is included, but a few things we have to charge a little extra for - babysitting & certain classes & events at the Collective.

I’m pregnant, what happens after I give birth?

You can pause membership until you’re ready to come back - perhaps with baby? And remember, some of our offerings include in-home postpartum support.

I’m a new mom and can’t make it out of the house… Help?

We get it. You can pause your membership (see above). But don’t be a stranger - we can connect you to other parents in the same boat, and some of our offerings include in-home postpartum support.

Do you take Classpass?

Yes - but only at select times since we’re a small Studio.

Can you drop-in to a yoga class?

Yes, if there’s a space available. $50 day pass for the Studio & Collective or $35 to drop in. 

It’s my first time, can I try a yoga class before I get membership?

Yes -  a $50 day pass  gives you access to events at the Collective and Yoga classes at the Studio. You can also try or drop in to a Yoga class for  $35. 

Is a month 30 days or 1st to 1st?

30 days. If you buy a package on 1/22, you can take 4 classes before 2/22.

I've used up my classes before end of the month but I'd like to attend more classes.

You might want to think about upgrading your membership or you can buy a single drop - in class! 

What if I'm gone on vacation?

You can roll over one class a month to the next. Or you can pause your membership in monthly increments for as long as you need. 

I have more questions about In-Home Support.

If your answer isn't here, please email us and we'll be happy to help!