Perhaps you’ve heard of HypnoBirthing, but don’t really know what it is. Or maybe you know exactly what it is and are hoping to try it out. This five-class childbirth education series will help you and your birthing partner learn HypnoBirthing - the Mongan Method. You will be guided through what to expect from the natural physical process of labor and childbirth, and, crucially, you will learn relaxation techniques - such as calm breathing, visualizations, self hypnosis, fear release and rapid relaxation - for a calm, peaceful, more comfortable birthing day.

Each class series includes with the HypnoBirthing book by Marie Mongan, and hypnosis audio tracks for at-home study to enhance your practice. Focus on what you want and birth in love and joy with HypnoBirthing!

Class dates: January 8th, January 15th, January 22nd, January 29th, February 5th

$600 per couple

Early Bird Pricing: $550

There is a $100 charge for make-up sessions.


Chrysti Lauter is a certified hypnotist and DONA trained birth doula.  Her life’s passion is to serve women during the deeply personal transition into motherhood and the journey that follows.  There are few naturally occurring opportunities in life that allow a woman to transform herself completely.  Hypnosis allows you to recognize and cultivate your inner power, allowing you to seize the opportunity and become the woman and the mother you want to be.  Chrysti feels so honored to be able to hold space for such moments of transformation as a birth worker alongside a group of wise and talented women.  Her newest certification additions include Hypnobirthing childbirth educator and Hypnomothering practitioner.  This skill set allows Chrysti to teach women how to reconnect and trust their body’s natural ability to birth their babies in a calm, peaceful, and comfortable manner and provides tools for a more gentle transition into motherhood.