Membership for families with babies, toddlers & kids

Music with Mr. Corbitt

Tuesdays 4pm, Wednesdays 11:30am
Music class 6 months-5 years
$5 Members . $20 Non-members

Each week a new setlist from a new genre of music as Mr. Corbitt brings new instruments and movement props to enrich your little one's musical experience. Combining beloved songs with early childhood music theory education, each exercise and activity works your little one's brain while being super fun at the same time. Every class ends with a musical story and bubbles.

Sing-a-long with Alex

Mondays 3.30pm
Music and entertainment for all ages
$5 Members . $20 Non-members

Baby Beats

Music & Movement for Babies 8 weeks-8 months

Fridays 12/1 - 12/22
11am- 12:15pm

This class will combine a traditional infant movement class with elements of early childhood music woven into the structure of class. Each week will have a different developmental focus, like Tactile Exploration or Auditory Stimulation, as well as bright and happy tunes from Mr. Corbitt. Each participant should bring a blanket and comfortable clothing. 

$110/ members, $140/ non-members

Toddler Soccer

Wednesday 11/29 - 12/12, 3.30pm
Members only
Email to sign up

Toddler Movement

Thursdays 3.45pm
Members only

Family Yoga

Sundays 11.30am-12.30pm
Family yoga invites moms, dads, babies and toddlers to join us for family fun on the mat.


We are thrilled to offer our clients packages to celebrate momentous events and birthdays with family and friends. 

  • 2 Hour event
  • Assistance and staffing during the event
  • 30 minutes on either side of the event for set up and clean up
  • Balloons
  • Kids entertainment by Mr. Corbitt or Alex. 
  • Food, Drinks & Ice order and pick up
  • Compostable Plates & Cutlery  

Email for more information.