Join us for a new parent group and thoughtful discussions on being a new parent. Connect with other new parents in a relaxed environment, where you can bring baby - or take advantage of complimentary childcare from Hello Sitter’s experienced, CPR-trained, and fully background-checked team at home or in the studio at Love Child. 

Includes complimentary farm-fresh salads from Green Top farm!

The First 6 Weeks: processing your birth and postpartum experience. There are a huge range of reactions one can experience as a new parent.  Let's sit down and talk about what happened and how the first few weeks of being home with your baby are going.  

Career & Identity: whether you're planning to stay home or go back to work, your vision for your life may have changed a little - or a lot. This session will focus on how your work-life worlds have shifted and how you are coping.

Relationships & Intimacy: romantic ties, family, and friendships old and new - as you lean on your support network, these connections are likely shifting. We'll talk about it. Sex and intimacy will also be discussed.

Self Care: changes to body and mind are entirely normal through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond - but talking about them sadly isn't. As you physically and mentally adapt to the demands (and rewards) of parenthood, this session offers the opportunity to discuss the ways in which your body and mind have been affected by parenthood. We'll also talk about postpartum anxiety and depression.

Jena Booher is a maternal mental health expert who empowers women in their intersection of career, children, and self-care.  While pursuing her doctorate in Mental Health Counseling, she owns a private coaching practice in both NYC and Westchester.  She also works with patients of St. Peters Hospital and counsels women and couples who struggle with miscarriage and infertility. Jena is an active Huffington Post contributor and does public speaking and consulting for various companies around NYC in an effort to help retain their top female talent.  She is mom to a beautiful 2 year old daughter.  You can find more about her at  or email her at