Melissa Stendahl served as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force before following a calling to the physical therapy profession in 2010. She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Texas State University, and went on to practice in outpatient and sports rehab in Colorado before moving to New York and specializing in pelvic health and obstetrics. She recognized a lack of resources for women prenatal and postpartum, and for all genders suffering from pelvic issues, and became passionate about helping to change this.

Melissa  is one of fewer than 90 practitioners to have a Certificate of Achievement in Prenatal and Postpartum Physical Therapy from the American Physical Therapy Association, with advanced training in physical therapy for fertility support, prenatal and postpartum care, labor and delivery support, high risk pregnancies, and pregnant athletes. Melissa has an extensive background in athletics, including soccer, boxing, weight training, and yoga, and enjoys combining her unique blend of skills in athletics, leadership and management to coordinate individualized and holistic rehab plans with her clients. Her mission is to empower patients to achieve mind and body wellness to meet their full functional potential.

Perinatal Consultations

- Private, one-on-one session to discuss your healthcare conditions, concerns, and questions with a pelvic- and obstetric- specialized physical therapist

- Your time to talk about your own perinatal experience and any associated injuries, pain, pre-existing conditions, concerns, etc.

- Receive detailed information on perinatal conditions, what is common vs. normal, and possibilities of medical outcomes from pregnancy and childbirth that are treatable by physical therapy

- Learn about obstetric and postpartum physical therapy - typical structure of evaluation, treatment, and programming

- Receive personalized referral and advice on what to do next if you may benefit from physical therapy or other healthcare services

- Understand the importance of holistic care for a better perinatal experience


1 hour Consultation: $125/ members,  $150/non-members

(1.5 & 2 hour consultations available)