Our energizing postnatal yoga series allows you to rebuild strength in their abdominal and pelvic floor muscles while also focusing on upper-body stretches for tightness that you may be experiencing in your shoulders from nursing, feeding and carrying your newborn.

We encourage new parents to bring your babies (birth - 12 months) as we include infant massage, movement and bonding exercises in our sequence.

Most importantly, we practice restorative poses to help new parents cope with modified sleep schedules in this exciting, sometimes-challenging new time.

All parents are welcome!




If you prefer to take some time for yourself, take our Vinyasa Yoga class that will help you begin to re-build strength strength, work on flexibility and posture and wind down with some restorative and relaxing postures. 

For members who are also part of our Collective, we offer on-site baby-sitting while you take your yoga class!