As a small business in NYC, we believe in the importance of seeking alternative and clean energy sources, but the cost can be quite prohibitive. Here at Love Child, we work with PowerMarket, an organization making clean energy more accessible. PowerMarket works with ConEd and an array of community solar developers to get more solar power on our electrical grid. As a business that works with expecting and new parents and kids, we are thrilled to find projects like these that invest in clean energy for a more sustainable future. 

PowerMarket allows individuals to support local solar farms without buying your own solar panels and installing them on the roof. Instead, you subscribe to a small piece of a large, shared renewable energy project in the city.. (Love Child is subscribed to the PowerMarket Bronx project!)

After signing up, you’ll start to receive deductions on your electric bill each month. It costs you nothing to join, you save money on electricity, and support new solar projects being built right here in the city where we need them the most.

More information and subscribe here using code LOVECHILDYOGA. When you do, you’ll receive $50 off one month’s Love Child Membership and support two great initiatives—Love Child and Community Solar!