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A comprehensive birth class taught by Love Child founder, Neelu Shruti.

Love Child Prep classes are tailored to our Prenatal Yoga classes you already enjoy, teaching you and your partner how to bring the breathing, movements and techniques you already love into use in your birth. We take a holistic and evidence based approach to teaching, knowing that as part of the Love Child community you are looking to follow your own instincts and rhythm while being open to understanding interventions. We teach you how to navigate medical settings to better understand your options, to know what questions to ask and to make decisions based on what is right for you. 

A comprehensive birth and postpartum class taught by Love Child founder, Neelu Shruti. We will cover what to expect in labor; natural and pharmacological pain management techniques; positions for labor at home, birth center and hospital; partner massage; breathing and relaxation techniques; how to use a birth ball; all about doulas; what to expect with epidurals, common birth complications, cesarian section surgery and recovery and general postpartum expectations, care and recovery. 

Recommended for expecting parents in their second or third trimester.

Future Dates:

Sunday June 9th, 1.30pm - 4pm

Sunday August 4th, 1.30pm - 4pm

Birth & Baby Prep: Love Child Members $550 . Non Members $650

Buy all three - Birth + Baby + Breastfeeding Prep to receive $40 per month off your membership.