Wholesome home-cooked meals with the ease of ordering take out tailored for your postpartum experience.

Personal chef and nutritionist, Jennifer Jolorte, will come to your home once or twice a week and prepare an array of healthy, wholesome, delicious meals - taking care of all the shopping, cooking, cleaning up and leaving you with a week's worth of meals.


Cost per week plus the cost of groceries and transportation. Grocery shopping fee is included.

Members $495 . Non Members $605

Choose up to

  • 3 Breakfast Items
  • 3 Dinner Items
  • 4 Teas / Smoothies
  • 2 Broths
  • 3 Soups
  • 3 Snacks
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Once you pay for your first week, Jen will send you a form to select your menu items. After payment, she will schedule a complimentary in-home consultation to discuss your dietary needs, preferred grocery vendors, grocery spending limit and to get familiar with your kitchen equipment. 

On your scheduled cooking day, she will purchase all the groceries and bring them to your home. She will then prepare all your meals, package, label, and store them to be enjoyed at your convenience. At the end of the day, she will submit grocery receipts for reimbursement and will leave your kitchen as tidy as she found it.

If you would like to use the service for multiple weeks, at the start of each week, simply select your menu items and make a payment for uninterrupted meals for as long as you'd like. 


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Jennifer is an Integrative Nutritionist and Chef studying at the Maryland University of Integrative Health with a focus on Clinical Nutrition. Previously she worked as a personal chef for numerous families and entrepreneurs assisting with meal preparation and events. Formerly a manager with a healthy meal delivery company in Santa Barbara, she assisted in meal formulation, delivery and client services. She has also assisted numerous food companies at Smorgasburg food markets, music festivals and special events.