Book private or small group sessions with Love Child staff. We offer individualized in-home and in-studio sessions for all offered classes. Below is a sampling of what’s available, but of course each session would be highly personalized to your needs.

Prenatal Yoga

We support you through a conscious, nurturing, and strengthening yoga practice. Prenatal Yoga is a great way to build strength and flexibility to help carry a growing belly and baby, alleviate aches and pains during pregnancy, and allow for quicker postnatal recovery. Our prenatal yoga exercises are targeted to teach you to use your muscles efficiently during labor, and we practice effective breathing and relaxation techniques so you are better prepared for birth. Practicing yoga also gives you a calm, quiet, relaxing and rejuvenating space to turn your attention inward and connect with your baby (or babies!), whatever stage you’re at.

Baby & Me Yoga

We encourage new parents to include your babies (birth - 10 months) in your yoga practice as we include infant massage, movement and bonding exercises in our sequence. Most importantly, we practice restorative poses to help new parents cope with modified sleep schedules in this exciting, sometimes-challenging new time.

Postnatal Strength

Our energizing postnatal yoga series allows you to rebuild strength in your core - abdominal and pelvic floor muscles while also focusing on upper-body stretches for tightness that you may be experiencing in your shoulders from nursing, feeding and carrying your newborn. These classes take special care to provide individual attention to address and rehabilitate diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues.

Fertility yoga

In private sessions for individuals and couples, we tailor exercises according to your natural cycle to support an integrated and holistic approach to fertility. Sessions are designed to relieve stress, balance hormones and heighten fertility through active relaxation, breathing techniques, channeling energy and directing blood flow.

Restorative Yoga

Gentle postures, movement, active relaxation and breathing techniques to relieve stress. Recommended for any prenatal clients in their first trimester or those who have exercise restrictions or an injury.

Clinical Prenatal & Postnatal Strength

Private strength and exercise sessions led by an Australian-trained physiotherapist to help you begin exercising safely or modify your current exercise regime during pregnancy or after the birth of your baby. These sessions are taught by Charlotte, an Australian Sports Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates Trainer, who offers tailored, private training session in the comfort of your own home. She will educate, facilitate and adapt your training to treat any past or current injuries, aches and pains experienced with pregnancy and will help you to lead the most active and healthy life during this exciting time. Common issues addressed include diastasic recti or abdominal muscle separation, sacroiliac joint and pelvic pain, sciatica, low back pain, postural pain and upper back/shoulder pain. These sessions can be completed as a one-off consultation to help guide you as you begin your new exercise journey, address injury or postural concerns and educate you on how to exercise safely and optimize posture during pregnancy. These sessions can also be offered on a more regular basis with private training sessions to ensure your exercise is modified and progresses during your pregnancy or when recovering after giving birth. 

  • Single Session: $150

  • 5 Class Pack: $712.50

  • 10 Class Pack: $1350

  • Classes are 60 minutes long.

  • 24 Hour reschedule / cancellation policy applies

  • Please have the necessary props for class - one yoga mat, two blocks, one blanket & one bolster.

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