We offer private childbirth education sessions. We will cover the following topics:

  • How to plan for the birth experience you want
  • How to talk to your care provider about your options
  • What to look for in a birth facility
  • What amenities your birth facility provides or How to prepare for a home birth
  • Common medical interventions - evidenced based information and knowing your options  
  • Best positions for labor and partner massage
  • Optimizing baby's position in the pelvis
  • How to labor at home and when to go to the facility / Call your midwife or doctor
  • Understand your choices and rights in childbirth
  • Your cesarian section options
  • How to be an advocate for yourself
  • The role of a doula - birth and postpartum
  • Getting a good start to breastfeeding
  • Local resources

Contact us for pricing and availability.