A six week series - Each class includes one hour of Prenatal Yoga focused on a specific part of the body followed by an hour long discussion with experts in the field to answer questions and activities to build community. Partners are required to attend Week 4 - 6.

Week 1: Abdominal Exercises - What's safe, what isn't and why and all about diastasis recti. 
Week 2: The Pelvic Floor - All about Kegels, Reverse Kegels and training your pelvic floor for birth. 
Week 3: Hip Stretches & Low Back Pain - Prenatal Resources, All about Doulas, Mini acupuncture treatments
Week 4: Breathing & Relaxation Techniques During pregnancy and through each stage of labor (Partners join)

Week 5: Posture & Avoiding Low Back Pain & Postpartum Planning Workshop (Partners join)
Week 6: Partner Yoga and Massage Techniques &  Birth Planning Workshop (Partners join) 

Series Dates

Wednesdays 6.30pm-8:30pm

May 8th - June 19th (No Class May 29th)


Love Child Membership required to attend.

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