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Everything you like about Love Child Yoga with more to love! 


Are you an Expecting or New Parent, or a Yogi? 

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Everything you love about Love Child Yoga.

Yoga for everyone - even babies! Prenatal Yoga / Baby & Me Yoga / Vinyasa Yoga / Toddler & Me Yoga / Candlelit Restorative Yoga & Meditation


A brand new gathering space for families.

Your home away from home, your village in the Village, a haven to connect with your family, friends and neighbors. 


Best of both! 

Yoga classes at Love Child and access to the Collective to co-work, co-play at your leisure. Take advantage of informative workshops for parents, creative classes for kids, and on-site babysitting so you can take a yoga class and enjoy some time for yourself! 



It takes a village. We’re stronger together. 

If you are a professional who works to help people through pregnancy, childbirth, and/or the transition to parenthood, we would love to hear from you! 

Learn more about using our space, offering classes or workshops, and enriching our community.

Love Child is such a gem! This adorable studio was such a warm and inspiring place to come for prenatal yoga throughout my pregnancy. Neelu’s class is the perfect mix of building strength and flexibility in all the right places while also being calm and relaxing. It’s now become a great spot to go with my baby for more yoga and new parent workshops. This studio helped me enjoy the experience of pregnancy and being a new mom!
— Myra O.
Love Child is an amazing yoga studio! I’m so happy it’s returning this fall. The space is quiet, calm and inviting. The prenatal yoga with Neelu was a lifesaver during my pregnancy. It was the perfect combination of relaxing, but still a good work out. I’ve returned with my baby for the mommy and me classes, which are also great and a lot of fun! Highly recommend!
— Becky L.
I cannot say enough good things about Love Child Yoga and Neelu herself. Going to prenatal yoga at Love Child was the best thing I did for myself while I was pregnant. Class provided me a weekly retreat from the daily grind, a workout, understanding of my changing body and peace for my soul. The exercises truly helped me when it came time to labor and delivery. I even listened to Neelu’s playlist to help keep calm in delivery. I also attended the birth planning and yoga for delivery class she offers. This was so helpful to both my husband and I. I highly recommend Everything about Love Child!
— Amy K.
I’m so thrilled the studio is reopening with more mom/baby yoga classes! Neelu’s classes were such a great form of support during my pregnancy - the perfect mix of challenging poses and relaxation and really made me realize how important prenatal yoga was for preparing for childbirth. Neelu is an expert and such a fantastic resource for information - they have a lending library free for students - and she also creates an community where women can ask questions and share experiences. I can’t imagine the first months with baby without the friends I made at her studio!
— Sylvia R.
I stumbled upon Love Child via Classpass when I was about 15 weeks pregnant. I had been wanting to find a prenatal yoga center to participate in throughout my pregnancy, but was unable to find anything with convenient times or in my area. Love Child had both, so I tried it on a whim. To my delight, I found a relaxing environment while still a challenging class. Neelu is a fabulous instructor, and I feel so lucky to have enjoyed her classes for the past 15 weeks.
— Cammie V.
Love Child is the perfect partner for the pre and post natal experience. Neelu has created such a welcoming boutique environment for new moms and moms-to-be. It’s an incredible community to be a part of. I’ve participated in prenatal yoga, birthing class and post-natal programming and can’t wait to get started with mommy and me yoga when the space reopens. Neelu is a true expert in the space, and I’m so happy she was a part of this crazy process with me.
— Liz M.