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This review is long over-due as Love Child has been such an amazing resource for my family! As an expecting mother, I attended Prenatal Yoga regularly from my second trimester. I joined a weekly Prenatal Circle with a group of soon-to-be first time moms. We frankly discussed the physical and emotional toll that pregnancy and motherhood takes on you, your career and your relationship with your partner. Love Child also offers classes to prepare for parenthood. My husband and I took classes on multiple topics at different facilities throughout the city, we both agreed that the Breastfeeding course we took at Love Child was the best and most useful. The week after I delivered, Neelu came to my home to help me with early breastfeeding woes (included in the membership!)

Since my daughter was born, our relationship with Love Child evolved. When she was a young infant, we were regulars at Baby and Me Yoga (the cutest thing ever), New Parents Circle and Baby Play Date. Now as a toddler, our caregiver takes her to Love Child for art, movement or music classes. Even on days she is not at Love Child, my daughter is likely on a play date with another Love Child toddler. My husband and I love taking her to weekend events (they throw great parties) or Sunday Family yoga. Love Child is so much more than a yoga studio! Neelu, Holly, and Sarah-Grace have created an amazing community for parents, caregivers and children.
— Erin F.
Absolutely love love love Love Child. I cant say enough great things about their yoga and kids classes! I really enjoyed attending yoga throughout my pregnancy and was able to get right back into it after my child’s birth with their mommy and me yoga class. Its a truly unique experience where you get to know other moms while also socializing your child in a warm and caring environment. My child lights up whenever the teachers greet him at the door.
— Blair H.
Love Child is an amazing yoga studio! I’m so happy it’s returning this fall. The space is quiet, calm and inviting. The prenatal yoga with Neelu was a lifesaver during my pregnancy. It was the perfect combination of relaxing, but still a good work out. I’ve returned with my baby for the mommy and me classes, which are also great and a lot of fun! Highly recommend!
— Becky L.
I cannot say enough good things about Love Child Yoga and Neelu herself. Going to prenatal yoga at Love Child was the best thing I did for myself while I was pregnant. Class provided me a weekly retreat from the daily grind, a workout, understanding of my changing body and peace for my soul. The exercises truly helped me when it came time to labor and delivery. I even listened to Neelu’s playlist to help keep calm in delivery. I also attended the birth planning and yoga for delivery class she offers. This was so helpful to both my husband and I. I highly recommend Everything about Love Child!
— Amy K.
I couldn’t possibly adore Love Child more! We started attending classes at the studio when I was pregnant for our prenatal prep, and also found our amazing doula through Neelu. After our son was born, we began taking classes with him and have never stopped! For newborns on up, their wide variety of classes gives you something new to try each day of the week, and for every stage of development. From music, to sensory art, to French and Spanish language class, our son is always engaged. It truly is our village in the village, where a community of parents and caregivers looking to expose our children to safe, happy, and engaging exploratory play can come together ♥️
— Alexis P.
Love Child is such a gem! This adorable studio was such a warm and inspiring place to come for prenatal yoga throughout my pregnancy. Neelu’s class is the perfect mix of building strength and flexibility in all the right places while also being calm and relaxing. It’s now become a great spot to go with my baby for more yoga and new parent workshops. This studio helped me enjoy the experience of pregnancy and being a new mom!
— Myra O.
I stumbled upon Love Child via Classpass when I was about 15 weeks pregnant. I had been wanting to find a prenatal yoga center to participate in throughout my pregnancy, but was unable to find anything with convenient times or in my area. Love Child had both, so I tried it on a whim. To my delight, I found a relaxing environment while still a challenging class. Neelu is a fabulous instructor, and I feel so lucky to have enjoyed her classes for the past 15 weeks.
— Cammie V.
I’m so thrilled the studio is reopening with more mom/baby yoga classes! Neelu’s classes were such a great form of support during my pregnancy - the perfect mix of challenging poses and relaxation and really made me realize how important prenatal yoga was for preparing for childbirth. Neelu is an expert and such a fantastic resource for information - they have a lending library free for students - and she also creates an community where women can ask questions and share experiences. I can’t imagine the first months with baby without the friends I made at her studio!
— Sylvia R.
Love Child is the perfect partner for the pre and post natal experience. Neelu has created such a welcoming boutique environment for new moms and moms-to-be. It’s an incredible community to be a part of. I’ve participated in prenatal yoga, birthing class and post-natal programming and can’t wait to get started with mommy and me yoga when the space reopens. Neelu is a true expert in the space, and I’m so happy she was a part of this crazy process with me.
— Liz M.
Neelu, Holly and the team at Lovechild have been the most wonderful and supportive community for me throughout my prenatal, postpartum and parenting journey. Lovechild is SO much more than just Yoga and I don’t know how I would have prepared and survived the journey that is new parenthood without them! From amazing prenatal yoga which truly helped me to not only prepare for birth but through all the aches and pains of pregnancy to acupuncture, new parents circles, postnatal strength, baby and me yoga and other baby and children’s activities Lovechild is really a one stop shop for any new or expecting parent. The incredible, high quality services offered at Lovechild are really just the tip of the iceberg I feel so grateful to be a part of the amazing community that Neelu has created. Her true passion for Lovechild clearly shows every day through the genuine care and concern she has for all members of the community. I feel so fortunate to have met so many like minded people and have a warm, caring and open place to go that truly feels like an extension of my own home. I truly could not recommend Lovechild more!
— Emma P.
I started coming to Love Child early - when I was 6 weeks pregnant. It took us a couple of years to get pregnant, so when we found out we were expecting I wanted to find a place where I could continue my exercise routine with minimal risk to the baby. I’m so glad I found Love Child!
Love Child helped me build my mental and physical strength for pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum in ways that went far beyond my expectations. First, the yoga itself is a real workout and enjoyably (and safely) challenging at every stage of pregnancy - from the first trimester when your body hasn’t really changed yet to the final trimester when you’re waddling around with a watermelon in your belly. It’s different than other prenatal yoga classes that treat moms like fragile objects that have to be handled with extra care - Love Child feels like real exercise - I would break a sweat more often than not. And this made me stronger in ways that I’m convinced made my birth and postpartum experiences much smoother than they would otherwise have been. I hardly experienced any aches and pains throughout pregnancy and I’m convinced Love Child yoga was central to this. I was physically prepared via, for example, a stronger pelvic floor, and more mentally prepared with go-to breathing exercises to help me through labor.
I made sure to block out times in my work calendar so that people couldn’t book meetings with me during class. But on a more personal level, exercise has always been an important part of my life so I wanted to continue to make it a priority . This was made much easier when I quickly saw the physical and social benefits of coming to Love Child. Plus the classes are conveniently scheduled for working women, and the central location make it super easy to get to. By the last month of pregnancy I was going 5 times a week, often with a swim beforehand - it made this time of my life much more enjoyable...
— Tiphaine T.
... What I didn’t expect before coming to Love Child was everything else being a member gives you access to. You become part of a community of women and couples going through the same experience as you. The childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting classes give you invaluable information, tips, and medical advice that made my husband and I much more comfortable with what was to come.
I went back as soon as I felt comfortable. It felt good to get out of the house and get back into a routine. Plus, Neelu has developed classes that are adaptable to wherever your body is, including postpartum. She always has super helpful guidance which has been central to start rebuilding my core. So I’ll definitely keep going as long as I feel like it’s helping me.
Love Child is also designed with the whole family in mind. The first time my husband came to Love Child was for the partners meet-up, which is the first Saturday of every month. I won’t lie - he was pretty skeptical at first. But I think he quickly came to enjoy it - it was a safe space to meet a community of expecting and recently minted dads and discuss any fears and concerns. The fact that it’s hosted by Neelu’s husband, Tom, gives it a nice family feel too, and Tom is very good at creating a relaxed and open atmosphere. The birth, breastfeeding and parenting classes were also a great way for my husband to get involved - helping him understand how he could be the most supportive throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Finally, Love Child also hosts partner yoga every once in a while and once the baby arrives, family yoga. So a great early activity for the whole family.
— Tiphaine T. (cont.)
Love Child is incredible. I’ve been a member since the beginning of my second trimester and can’t speak more highly of the classes and community. Neelu has a truly well defined vision — to make sure that new parents feel they are supported, especially in a city which is often times lonely for new parents.

Even though I was active before pregnancy, I would not describe myself as a “yogi”. The prenatal yoga and post-natal strengthening is super challenging in a way that weight training and running isn’t. I also love the New Parents Circle. Just come as you and your little one are! It’s an incredible hang out spot as well. My husband has also enjoyed the Dads Group!

Most importantly, I didn’t realize that breast feeding (especially in the beginning) would be challenging. Every member receives a free lactation consult and mine couldn’t have come at a better time. As soon as I arrived home from the hospital, Neelu came over and walked me through certain positions for three hours. She was absolutely patient and thoughtful. I’ve also been to the breastfeeding support group and again have been super impressed with Neelu and her team!

We don’t have any family in the City, but with Love Child it certainly feels like we do!
— Tabisa L.
Love Child has truly been one of the most important and constant parts of my pregnancy journey as well as postnatal journey and now evolving as a new parent. I chanced upon Love Child Yoga during my search for a prenatal yoga for physical and mental well being during pregnancy. But it quickly became for me a place to go for holistic - physical, mental and emotional well being and support during my pregnancy. Specially in New York, where many of us experience this beautiful yet sometimes stressful phase of pregnancy and new parenthood far from our families and home, Love Child became my local support system and much like an extended family. What I loved most was the genuinely caring team at Love Child and also an inclusive and fun community of like minded expecting and new parents, with who I could have no-holds-barred conversations! Every so often, when I felt overwhelmed with doubts and questions during my pregnancy and postpartum, Neelu and the Love Child community provided the support, guidance and appropriate resources to navigate through these concerns.
— Kinjal P.
Love Child is such a great place to meet new moms and their little ones! I learned about Love Child after I had my baby and it was/is so nice to go to Yoga classes (with or without baby), music classes or play dates. The new parent circle was also very helpful as a new mom as I was able to discuss my feelings, problems or questions.They offer a variety of classes and everyone is so nice and sweet with the babies. I wish I had known about this place during my pregnancy already.
— Caecilie E.
I have attended Pre-Natal yoga, New Parent class and Mommy and Me yoga at Love Child over the last few months. All classes are well executed by Neelu and her team and the space is just perfect. I recommend anyone expecting a baby to get involved in the Love Child collective!
— Anna W.
Love this place! I can’t say enough good things about Love Child. Neelu has created a beautiful space and great community for new and expecting parents.
— Amanda D.
If you are pregnant and the studio is open again after the break, I strongly recommend you make it your go-to prenatal yoga place. Neelu is extremely sweet, supportive and knowledgeable not just about yoga / prenatal fitness but also many other pregnancy-related things. While the classes are somewhat repetitive, as you progress in your pregnancy, they hit you in different ways. And among other things, watching women in their last couple of weeks of pregnancy do yoga is hugely inspirational if you are earlier in your journey to motherhood.
— Vera K.
Love Child has been my go-to pre and post pregnancy. I started going to prenatal yoga and enjoyed the calm and inviting atmosphere. Neelu is an amazing yoga instructor, breastfeeding specialist and birthing resource (not to mention owner of this amazing place). She helped me prepare through my entire pregnancy offering different classes at Love Child such as labor and delivery and how to take care of a baby. Now, 3 months after I have given birth, my little one and I continue to go for Baby and Me Yoga, music classes and open play. The community at LC is one to become apart of during this very important and special time of your life. I am so happy to be a part the LC community.HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!
— Georgia D.
My wife and I have been a part of the Love Child Yoga community since our little boy was about 2 months old. It’s an amazing place. We came for the classes, but stayed for the relationships we made with Neelu and the other new and expecting parents.Neelu offers all types of services, but the three we used the most were Baby and Me Yoga, New Parent Circle, and the Baby Music Class. I loved watching my son frolick about while we did our yoga poses, and see him watching us practice our breathing and practice remaining calm in difficult positions. Nice to model that for life to come. New Parent’s Circle was a great way to feel connected with the world outside of our baby, and hearing about everyone else’s experiences made us understand and appreciate our own journey that much more.It’s not just a studio, it’s truly a community, and we are lucky to be a part of it. Hope you come too!
— Ben K.
It’s hard to express how much gratitude and joy I have when I think of my time at Love Child. As someone with a bunch of yoga modifications in my practice pre-pregnancy, I felt welcomed and supported and the prenatal yoga classes and circles were reassuring and energizing. The resources and programming at Love Child made my marriage stronger through hypnobirthing class, taught me how to breastfeed, and most importantly introduced me to Neelu, our amazing doula, cheerleader, and guide. The doula home visits post birth and new mom group anchored me as I navigated those first couple months. I’m still thanking Love Child daily for introducing us to Little Spoon baby food during one of their awesome garden parties- young Oliver LOVES it. This isn’t just a yoga studio- it is a community that lifts you up and helps you navigate pregnancy and motherhood. If you are looking to grow your village as you become a mother, this is THE place.
— Camilla H.
Love Child Yoga was a life saver for me! I met Neelu during one of her prenatal yoga classes. I immediately felt at ease in her studio — small classes, personal attention, and overall great yoga routines. After taking a few classes I decided that Neelu was the right doula for me. Her calm demeanor and desire to help women plan their child’s birth the way they want to was exactly what I needed. During my third trimester, she helped guide my husband and me through our many questions and concerns — there were many, given it was my first pregnancy. On game day, she provided the perfect amount of support and advocated my needs at the hospital. In the end, I was able to have the birth I imagined and can’t help but to think that Neelu played such an important role in this life changing experience! Afterwards, Neelu provided support and checked in with me on a weekly basis. I can’t thank her enough for her postpartum support!
— Nikki J.
Love Child is the most amazing resource and is so much more than a yoga studio. Neelu has created a wonderful gathering place for expecting moms and beyond to feel supported. She and her staff including acupuncture specialists, massage specialists, doulas, and instructors (breastfeeding, CPR, etc.) are great! This is one stop shopping at its best. I had not done a lot of yoga before starting at Love Child and was looking for something lower impact than my usual 5 day a week spinning. Neelu is wonderful at teaching and making you feel welcome to the Love Child community. I found this studio when I was 16 weeks pregnant and am still going strong at 35. I can feel the positive difference in my body after doing yoga and I feel much more relaxed. If you have any questions at all big or small Neelu can surely help you or knows who to point you in the direction of. I went through a difficult decision of changing doctors late in my pregnancy and Neelu was right there for me to be supportive and put me in touch with other women who have switched so I could make a more informed decision. I have met wonderful ladies through this studio and plan to continue making use of the Love Child resources after I deliver. You really feel cared for by this studio and a home visit is even included after you deliver while you are unable to make yoga classes or use the in studio programs. It’s a nice feeling to know that in addition to your doctors, family, partner, etc. there is someone else waiting to help you tackle any problem shooting you’ll need after baby comes. I also had the most beautiful baby shower here as well! I’d highly recommend renting the space. Holly, the office manager, did such a wonderful job setting up and making sure that all the odds and ends were taken care of during the event. It made the event stress free and it is such a lovely space (feels like home away from home!). I highly recommend Love Child!! This pregnancy has been so much more pleasant with Love Child and Neelu on my side!!
— Marissa S.
What I found helpful during my pregnancy and postnatal was respecting and listening to my body, learning that it is capable of doing so much naturally, and yet also accepting its limitations and nurturing it accordingly. This was what helped me enjoy my pregnancy even through the exhausting first trimester and sleep deprived final months :). What I was NOT prepared for, was the jolt of emotional highs and lows plus physical pain in the first few weeks after child birth - I can’t imagine recovering well from those weeks without my mom and family’s help, and also so grateful for the new parent circles during that time for the laughs and vent sessions :) I am so thankful to have found and been part of this community and hope to keep ties as my husband and I grow as parents.
— Kinjal P. (cont.)