Neelu Shruti

I always thought that when you were pregnant, you sat back on the couch, took it easy, ate for two and somehow somewhere a doctor would deliver your baby. It wasn't until I went in to observe a Prenatal Yoga class during my yoga teacher training when I was blown away. I had never seen pregnant people, in their third trimester, moving, sweating and working. Immediately the parallel between prenatal yoga and birth became clear to me. You wouldn't show up to a marathon without training, so why not the same for birth. 

I dove in and completed my Prenatal Yoga teacher training, taught prenatal yoga but it wasn't until my yoga clients asked me to be present at their birth that I took on the role of a doula. It's such an honor to be asked to be present at such a special time, I couldn't refuse even though it means often being ready to go and cancel everything else for 48 hours at a minutes notice. 

Up until 2015, I worked as an architect in New York City. When I noticed that my work in the birth field was much more rewarding, I left the corporate world to create Love Child.

Love Child strives to be your touchstone for support through your reproductive journey. 

Love Child, is a collective and supportive space that offers holistic services and information for reproductive health, expecting and new parents and beyond. We work with experts in NYC to offer the best resources to help individuals and partners navigate their journey. 


Neelu is a yoga teacher specializing in fertility, prenatal, postnatal and Baby & Me Yoga, a full spectrum doula, breastfeeding counselor and trained midwifery assistant based in New York City.

Neelu was fortunate to be introduced to yoga at a young age while attending Rishi Valley, a boarding school in India founded by the philosopher J. Krishnamurti.  Neelu moved to the U.S. in 2003 pursuing a degree in architecture from The University of Texas at Austin and moved to NYC in 2007 to work in the field. After working at several high profile firms and only practicing and teaching yoga on the side, in 2015, seeing the impact she was having as a prenatal & postnatal yoga teacher and doula she quit her day job as an architect and founded Love Child and has never looked back. 

She is especially passionate to support pregnant people through a conscious, nurturing and strengthening yoga practice and to empower people with information about their choices and giving them the tools to develop trust in their own bodies. 

Yoga Alliance 500 Hour E-RYT, RPYT 

DONA Trained Doula

Doula Project Trained Full Spectrum Doula

Certified in Spinning Babies Techniques

Certified Breastfeeding Counselor

Midwifery Assistant, The Farm, Tennessee.